DanVex DD-36F (36 l/24 h)

2 000 €

Ducted dehumidifier DanVex DD-36F.
DanVex manufactures and sells condensing duct dehumidifiers.
They are used when air is supplied to the premises through air ducts.
Dehumidifiers can be used both as stand-alone units (as they include
one or two pressure fans), and as part of a ventilation system.
Series DD-F (F - from the word Fresh(AIR)). It has two air intakes.
One from inside and the second one to mix fresh air from outside.
Dried mixed air returns to the room. The mixture is controlled by a special air
valve which is adjustable. DanVex DD-F has 2 inlets and one air outlet.

Dehumidifier performance:
For room up to 300 m3

 • High capacity.
 • Auto mode.
 • Permanent drainage can be established with optional ½" hose connection.
 • Strong case of powder-coated hot galvanized steel.
 • Digital touchpad control panel with display.
 • Temperature sensor 
 • Built-in humidistat!
 • Air purification filters and UV lamp.
 • Button control panel with LCD screen
and the ability to connect external control via RS485 (MODBUS) protocol.
 • Wi-fi connection for control via the App.
 •Filters for air purification G4 + F7 + H13 (HEPA).
 • Guarantee – 2 year.

Max capacity (30°C80%)   36 L/24 hours
Temperature range   +5 to +35 °C
Rel. humidity range   30-100%
Air flow   500-670 m3/h
Power supply   220/1~/50 V/Hz
Noise level   45 Db
Current   3 A
Power consumption   670 W
Refrigerant   R32*450g
Dimensions (h/l/w)  285/950/539, mm. 
Weight   50 kg