DanVex Dehumidifiers
are recognized leaders  among dehumidifiers  with regard to quality and efficiency 


The main reason of surface deterioration in premises, corrosion, material digestion and mold formation is excessive air humidity. To decrease or maintain required air humidity, dehumidifiers are used.

We offer condensing dehumidifiers. This method of dehumidification is based on condensation of water vapor contained in the air during air cooling below dew point.


Our company is the official European distributor of DanVex products.

Specialists of our company will individually select dehumidifiers for your premises. All calculations are done according to European standards; all formulas are developed by manufacturers of the equipment
Calculation Formulas

Selection of domestic and industrial dehumidifiers for swimming pools, dry stores, dehumidification of buildings, construction needs (concrete work, whitewashing, plastering).

Useful Information

Examples of dehumidifiers use, articles by specialists, installation variants.