DanVex AD-400L

3 300 €

Professional dehumidifier DanVex AD-400.
Adsorption dehumidifying – this method relies on the extraction of humidity from the air due to its absorption of hygroscopic materials. Huge plus of dehumidifying air with this type of dehumidifier is drying the air that can be below 0 degrees of Celsius (from -20 to +40)
They have high productivity and effective control of humidity.

Dehumidifier performance:
For room up to 350 m3

 • High capacity.
 • Auto mode.
 • Strong case of powder-coated hot galvanized steel.
 • Digital touchpad control panel with display.
 • Temperature sensor 
 • Built-in humidistat!
 • Guarantee – 2 year.

Max capacity (30°C80%)   52.8 L/24 hours
Temperature range   -20 to +40 °C
Rel. humidity range    2-100%
Air flow   350 m3/h
Power supply   230/1~/50 V/Hz
Noise level   50 Db
Current   10 A
Power consumption  1900 W
Static pressure   50 Pa
Diameter proces air IN   125 mm
Diameter dry air OUT   125 mm
Diameter Regenertion air IN   80 mm
Diameter Regenertion air OUT   80 mm
Dimensions (h/l/w)  400/680/425, mm. 
Weight   34 kg